Professional Janitorial Services in Montreal

Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services in Montreal have seen a surge in demand as businesses prioritize cleanliness and hygiene in the wake of the ongoing pandemic. With offices and commercial spaces requiring regular and deep cleaning to ensure the safety of employees and customers, professional janitorial services have become an essential part of business operations. 

Montreal Cleaners Stars provides the most efficient, professional, and reliable Janitorial Services in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, South Shore, Gatineau, Ottawa, Quebec, Lévis, Trois-Rivières, and surrounding areas.

Professional Commercial Cleaning & Janitorial Services in Montreal

Residential Cleaning Services

Our professional house cleaning maids provide detailed cleaning services in Montreal.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning is a best way to increasing your company’s productivity in Montreal and surrounding areas.

Deep Cleaning Services

Our Deep Cleaning Service delivers promising results in the time allocated.  Let us help you refresh your home.

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What’s Included in Janitorial Services?

Janitorial services encompass a wide range of cleaning and maintenance tasks aimed at keeping a space clean, orderly, and conducive to a healthy environment. The specific services included can vary based on the client’s needs, the type of facility, and the cleaning company’s offerings. Here are common elements typically included in janitorial services:

  1. Surface Cleaning:
    • Dusting and wiping surfaces to remove accumulated dirt, dust, and debris.
    • Polishing and sanitizing surfaces, including desks, countertops, tables, and other flat surfaces.
  2. Floor Cleaning:
    • Sweeping and mopping floors to remove dirt and stains.
    • Vacuuming carpets and rugs to eliminate dust and allergens.
    • Buffing or waxing hard floors for a polished and shiny appearance.
  3. Restroom Cleaning:
    • Sanitizing and disinfecting restroom fixtures, including toilets, sinks, faucets, and countertops.
    • Cleaning and restocking paper products, soap dispensers, and other restroom supplies.
    • Emptying and sanitizing trash receptacles.
  4. Kitchen or Breakroom Cleaning:
    • Cleaning and sanitizing kitchen surfaces, appliances, and equipment.
    • Washing dishes and utensils if applicable.
    • Emptying and cleaning trash containers.
  5. Window Cleaning:
    • Cleaning interior windows and glass surfaces for a clear view.
    • Removing fingerprints, smudges, and accumulated dirt.
  6. Trash Removal:
    • Collecting and disposing of trash from designated containers.
    • Sorting recyclables and disposing of them in an environmentally friendly manner.
  7. High-Touch Point Cleaning:
    • Disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, handrails, and elevator buttons.
    • Targeting areas prone to germ transmission for enhanced hygiene.
  8. Specialized Cleaning:
    • Addressing specific cleaning needs based on the type of facility (e.g., medical facilities, laboratories, industrial spaces).
    • Deep cleaning tasks as needed, including carpet shampooing, upholstery cleaning, and floor stripping and waxing.
  9. Emergency Cleanup:
    • Responding to and cleaning up spills, leaks, or other emergencies promptly.
  10. Supply Restocking:
    • Checking and restocking cleaning supplies, toiletries, and other necessities.
  11. Janitorial Maintenance:
    • Reporting and addressing maintenance issues discovered during cleaning, such as leaky faucets or malfunctioning lights.
  12. Scheduled Cleaning Programs:
    • Offering routine cleaning schedules based on the client’s preferences, whether daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

The specifics of janitorial services can be customized to meet the unique needs of each client and facility. A well-rounded janitorial service ensures that the entire space is clean, hygienic, and well-maintained for the comfort and health of occupants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you cover my area?

We cover all Greater Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, North Shore, South Shore, Gatineau, Ottawa, Quebec, Lévis and surrounding areas. For more information on the areas we cover please contact us.

How do I get a quotation for a cleaning service?

You can obtain a free quotation for any of our cleaning services through the request a quote form on this website.

Do I need to provide my own cleaning equipment and materials?

The cleaning products and equipment are provided by The Montreal Cleaners.

Do your services include professional outside window cleaning?


Do your services include professional carpet cleaning?


Can I have the same maids cleaner every time?

Yes, if you are happy with your cleaner, we will try and make sure you get the same cleaner every time though we cannot guarantee this due to holidays, sickness absence, and staff rotation. If your regular cleaner is sick or on holiday we can send you a replacement.

What is your hourly rate?

We don’t like to offer a standardised price as every building and company has different requirments. Our competitive prices are tailored to your needs so that you don’t pay for anything you dont need.

What times do you clean?

We can clean at whatever time you require, we are fully flexible in terms of times and days. We fit our service around your needs.

How long have you been in this business?

We have been cleaning services for more than 10 years now. All the cleaners are professionally trained. Contact us and we will be happy to provide references from our clients.

Do you have a cancellation fee?

We apply a cancellation fee only if the service is canceled less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled time or if the customer fails to provide access to the team as previously arranged.

What are your working hours?

The cleaners work 7 days a week, so we have flexible booking slots. We work on Saturdays and Sundays.

Are your maids cleaners fully trained?

Yes our staff are fully trained before they begin cleaning.

Can you provide us with references?

Yes of course. We have a testimonial page on our website which has a number of reviews from our clients however should you require a direct reference from some clients we can arrange this for you too.

Housekeeping Services

Our teams provide a high quality clean, and we guarantee the same level of integrity every time.

House Cleaning & Sanitizing

We provide a customize Cleaning and sanitizing services.

Move In & Move Out Cleaning

Let our professionals maids to clean your old place or your new home.

Home Disinfection Services

Keeping your house clean and your family safe with our cleaning & disinfection services.

Maid Services

Let us help you keep your home clean and safe with our weekly or monthly maid service.

Apartment Cleaning Services

Our apartment maids cleaners are highly trained, experienced, and insured.

One-Time Cleaning Services

Our thorough housecleaners are fast, pay attention to the details.

Boat Cleaning Services

We provide a professional and thorough Miami boat cleaning services, and we’ll have your boat looking brand new again.

AirBnB Cleaning Services

Our aim is to ensure that you receive only 5-star ratings, it’s all about attention to details

Green Cleaning Services

We provide safe and environmentally friendly cleaning services.

Office Cleaning Services

Our maids teams clean, sanitize and sisinfect your office spaces.

Carpet Cleaning Services

We use the latest Hot Water Extraction equipment and technology, which results in a cleaner, healthier and drier carpet.

Post Construction Cleaning

With our comprehensive cleaning services, we’ll get your new home or new space clean and safe.

Fall and Spring Cleaning Services

We offer a customers fall and spring cleaning services.

Regular Cleaning Service

Regular apartment and house cleaning services by professional maids cleaners.

Ironing Service

We can iron clothes taking. We can also fold all of the clothes we iron and put them away for you.

Maids Cleaning Services

Maids Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

House Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services

Disinfecting Services

Disinfecting Services

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It was my first time using this agency a month ago – and the cleaning service was impressive! Zinabe did a very great job! I would definitely request for her again next time.


This company provides the best cleaning services in Montreal. I asked them to do spring deep cleaning in my house and I loved their services. The maid is very professional and she works fast too! 


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